Ikaika Anderson

Ikaika-Wedding-1Leeward CC student, Ikaika Anderson, is aspiring photographer.  In addition to working toward a bachelors degree in Hawaiian studies and language, he plans to own his own business one day and to be a featured artist in a gallery.  To this end, Ikaika is always working on furthering his craft.  He tries to catch a moment, to play with light, through the lens of his camera.  His goal is to capture the culture, history, and essence of Hawai’i before it is lost and to harness these images in a manner that leaves an emotional impact on the viewer.

Pūpū A ʻO ʻEwa is proud to feature the Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo award-winning photographs, He Kai Mālie, He Kai Puʻeone (Gentle Sea, Rough Sea), by Ikaika Anderson.

Credits: all photos courtesy of Ikaika Anderson

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