Alika Gorospe

Alika Gorospe is studying computer science and Hawaiian language at Leeward CC. He plans to attend UH Mānoa where the Hawaiian classes he needs are offered.  Hereʻs what Alika wants viewers to know about his art piece:

The inspiration for this piece came from deep thought of how I got this far in life.  I had two drafts of art pieces before this but completely scrapped them before drawing this one up and finalizing it.  Any success I’ve had in the past, and will likely have in the future, will be because of a combination of all the things that are represented in the picture.  To clarify, the part about “friends” also extends to any and all mentors, coaches, or teachers that I’ve ever had.  So if any of you are reading this, my deepest thanks goes out to all of you.  I know well that it’s very hard to be successful through your own power with no guidance.  Mahalo me ke aloha nō.

About Project Kau Ka Manaʻo (To Set the Mind):

Ka Wiliwai is part of Project Kau Ka Manaʻo.  Kumu ʻIokepa Badis uses this art project to encourage story telling among his students.  Every part of the art piece is from a story that is personal to the student.  This is used to encourage ʻōlelo within the family as well.  The student is challenge to create an image around 3-4 Hawaiian words and then to describe the image and its manaʻo — its meaning and thought — in Hawaiian.

Credits: audio and video by Rokki Midro


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