Kā Kamahaʻo Mea Pāʻani

Written and narrated in the Hawaiian language by Pōhai Medeiros, Kā Kamahaʻo Mea Pāʻani is a sweet childrenʻs story about a little boy, Kamahaʻo, who loves to play with his toys (and his motherʻs iPad) so much that he sometimes forgets his other responsibilities and tests his motherʻs patience. Whether you speak Hawaiian or not, we are sure youʻll enjoy hearing the language spoken by this UH West Oʻahu student (and Leeward graduate), and youʻll be able to follow the story, thanks to the family photo illustrations.

Meet the author: Pōhai Medeiros

Kā Kamahaʻo Mea Pāʻani

Credits: Photo courtesy of Pōhai Medeiros, interview video by Robert Delim and Kat Camit, performance video by Kamalani Hurley and Cozia Chapman

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