Heeding the Voice from Within

Meet the author: Lloyd Momoa Rinehardt


I am a child of this land living the American dream

Educated and compensated for being a part of that team

Daily as I traverse to and from work what did I see

The homeless children of my beloved Hawai’i

Years were spent welcoming visitors to this paradise.


Finally I could no longer allow my feelings to be compromised

Having left the hospitality industry because my Hawai’i was being sold

For thousands of dollars per unit from what I was told

Although I am unemployed and impoverished I still persevere

No longer consumed by guilt, my mission is clear

Determination and inspiration propel me through college

Later I will help the needy with my newly acquired knowledge.


Looking to the past of my elders for direction

Their gallant voices fuel my motivation

Traveling the path of righteousness to help others

I have answered the instinctive call of my forefathers.

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