Ku`u Hawai`i

Meet the author: Charissa Puamana Wai`alae


“Kaulana na pua a‘o Hawai‘i, kupa‘a ma hope o ka ‘aina”
Famous are the children of Hawai’i, ever loyal to the land.

Such beautiful words of our ancestors, endless love for life’s creation

From the mountain, to the sea
From the heavens, to the earth
From the winds, to the ocean’s currents
From Island, to island

And from one Hawaiian, to another

What is life, without culture?
What is a Hawaiian, without their land?

Rivers no longer run deep in Hawai’i,
Fishponds no longer plentiful, and tended by few
Scarce are our lo’i, no longer feeding our hungry
Stolen are our sacred lands, no longer being cared for

Heavy are the hearts of us Hawaiians,
For laid upon our shoulders, a kuleana bigger than any other,
To bring back the mana of our culture, we fight
To bring back the knowledge of our kupuna, we strive
To bring back our lands and our nation, we are determined
To raise our keiki with pono and aloha in their lives, we must continue

Lost may be our land,
Lost may be our language,
Lost may be our kupuna’s knowledge,

But that is all temporary

For the Hawaiians never lost our culture, our mana, our passion and love,
Love for life,
Love for our kupuna,
Love for our land,
Love for our language,
And most importantly, love for our culture,

Deep within the na’au of us Hawaiians,
IS this familiar love,
This passion and mana,
Waiting to erupt,
A nation, again, one day we will be,

Our language, again, one day will flourish,
Our lands, again, one day will be abundant,
Our waters, again, one day will flow,
Our mana, again, every Hawaiian will know,
Our ‘iwi kupuna, again, will lie in our lands,

Because the future of our culture, Hawaiians, rests in our hands!

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