Art Ideas

Want to submit to Pūpū but not sure what to write about? Try these art ideas.

Remember: to be considered for publication, all works must be related to ke ano Hawaiʻi — all things Native Hawaiian (culture, language, identity, history, nature, arts, customs…)

Looking for writing ideas? Try our writing ideas page

What can you create? Youʻre limited only by your imagination:

  • taking Hawaiian Studies?Submit your ARTIFACT art project
  • drawings, paintings
  • photographs
  • traditional Hawaiian arts: tattoo, lei, carving, feather work, kapa,  (for 3D arts, provide a photo; do not send your work)
  • Hawaiian quilting
  • collage (Wiki How, YouTube)
  • art journal (Art Journaling 101Wiki How) – try starting with a photo in a magazine, like Mana; try an art journal prompt from
  • design a t-shirt
  • design a poster
  • animation

Look for topics in from your Hawaiian Studies and Hawaiian language classes. Talk to family and friends.

And remember: to be considered for publication, your work must have a Hawaiian connection


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