Poetry idea: I am From

I am From, an poetry exercise  (courtesy of Piʻikea Hardy-Kahaleoumi)

I am from …

– Describe where your name came from.

– List items found around your home (bobby pins, old newspapers, dried lei, etc.)

– List places that are important to you (the recliner in the family room, Pokaʻi Bay, etc.)

– List items found in your neighborhood (corner grocery store, tire swing at Mr. Kamakaʻs house, etc.)

– List names of relatives who have influenced you (Grandma Pua, Momʻs best friend Nalani, my 3rd grade teacher, etc.)

– List sayings or expressions (Move it or lost it, Speak up or suck it up, I donʻt care who does it…, etc.)

– List names of foods that recall family gatherings (kalua pig, grandmaʻs haupia, etc.)

– List names of places you keep special memories (diaries, box of photos under the bed, saved birthday cards in old Christmas cookie tin, etc.)

Now use all of these things youʻve listed to create an “I am from…” poem.

Want to see examples? See Example 1 and Example 2

One thought on “Poetry idea: I am From

  1. I am from the sea, the little golden fish

    I am from the city by the sea, where the heat, the wind, the waves are people’s happiness

    I am from the most happiness family in the world, from love, laugh and peace

    I am from grandparents’ stories, mother’s food, advices and father’s protection

    I am from “ Love will always win “

    I am from Pho, Vietnamese rice cakes and pancakes

    I am from my home where I am always be a little daughter

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