Ke Kalaka Polū Nui, kakau ia ʻe Kimberly Reed

Written and narrated in Hawaiian by Kimberly Reed, Ke Kalaka Polū Nui (The Big Blue Truck) is a delightful childrenʻs story. Using illustrations from Cars, her sonʻs favorite Disney storybook, Kim tells the story of Nakoa, a big blue truck, who learns that he doesnʻt need a lot of material things to be successful. Whether you speak Hawaiian or not, we are sure youʻll enjoy hearing the language spoken by this Leeward CC graduate.

Meet the author: Kimberly Reed

Ke Kalaka Polū Nui (The Big Blue Truck)

Credits: post feature photo and by Rokki Midro, technical assistance by Educational Media Center, Leeward Community College

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