A Nation of Our Own

Meet the artist: Christophor Ka`imilawakuali`i Oliveira

When will there be an end to this occupation, a nation of our own choosing

Imbedded in the population were waiting for retribution

Suspended in animation by paperwork so confusing

Their faulty documentations for faking a revolution

Pretended the annexation with a blemished joint-resolutions

The same old operation they’ve been using since since back with Newlands

A general pacification intended as restitution

But we want repatriation and the reinstatement of our constitution

Now we contend with the aggravation, the sentence is destitution

With the falsest of allegations implementing our execution

We suffer from mass enslavement they profit off institutions

Were put in for misbehaving, but their guiltʻs already been proven

Much more than edification were offended and disillusioned

So we focus on education and nothing less for our future

Look to our past in admiration in reverence for our kupuna


Pailaha (credit): Performance video by Educational Media Center – Leeward Community College; featured photograph, “Speak Out,” courtesy of Kahoʻolemana Naone – Makawalu Photography

One thought on “A Nation of Our Own

  1. Hey Chris, great stuff. You’re videos are being circulated among Hawaiian Sovereignty heavies, know that it’s being watched by world movers. Great job to you and Aunty Pat for making this possible.

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