I am From (by Anonymous)

I am from a government determined to conquer a nation,

climbing toward the light seeking truth and wisdom

I am from ducks and chickens and 300 lb pigs, from papaya,

pomegranate, and way too many mangoes

I am from rusted cars and ukulele jam sessions (kanikapila style),

from police sirens and drug deals

and children running through the streets with no one to care for them

I am from laulau, poi, beef stew, and poke,

from pastele, gandule rice, and bacalao

I am from my mother’s denial and my father’s anger,

from my grandfather’s integrity and my grandmother’s unconditional love

I am from, “No matter what you do, it will never be good enough”

I am from, “ I will never leave you and always love you”

I am from, “ You have been given an opportunity;

provide others with their own”

I am from the mountains of Kuaokala and the sunsets at Keawa‘ula

I am from the jumping off point at Ka‘ena and the life of Ka‘ala

I am from my daughter’s choice and my husband’s smile

I am from my rebirth the day I returned to my island home

The author wishes to remain anonymous

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