He Mele Nēnē, haku ʻia e Mālia Helelā


Meet the artist: Mālia Ko’iulaokawaolehua Helelā


E nānā i ka nēnē

Ke kūpa’a nie ma ke alahele



E nānā i ka nēnē

Kīko’o ‘ana i kona ā’ī



E nānā i ka nēnē

‘I’ini wale nō e ai



E nānā i ka nēnē

Ho’ā’ā i ka nui manu



E nānā i ka nēnē

Le’ale’a nō i ka nānā e


1 Look at the goose, standing resolutely in the pathwa

2 Look at the goose, sticking out his neck

3 Look at the goose, all he wants to do is eat

4 Look at the goose, confused by the big bird

5 I tell you of this goose, so entertaining to observe.


Credits: Video performance by Educational Media Center, Leeward Community College; interview video by Robert Delim and Kat Camit; feature post photo courtesy of Kahoʻolemana Naone

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