Kamalu Hawaiʻi, Block Prints by Kaleialoha Lum-Ho

Native Hawaiian educator Kaleialoha Lum-Ho is the artist behind the popular line of clothing and accessories, Kamalu Hawaiʻi.  Her designs are distinctly Hawaiian.  Kaleialoha creates hand carved block prints that continue the Hawaiian tradition of honoring native plants and animals.  She presents her work at festivals and craft fairs, enjoying the face-to-face contact with the people who wear and collect her sought-after designs. In addition to block prints, Kalei makes ʻohe kāpala, hand-carved bamboo stamps for kapa that boast intricate traditional Hawaiian designs. 

Pūpū A ʻO ʻEwa is a creative space that showcases Hawaiian-focused arts.  We are proud to feature Kamalu Hawaiʻi, the block prints of artist Kaleialoha Lum-Ho.

Meet the artist: Kaleialoha Lum-Ho

Kamalu Hawaiʻi

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credits: all photographs provided by Kaleialoha Lum-Ho at Kamalu Hawaiʻi; video by Rokki Midro

4 thoughts on “Kamalu Hawaiʻi, Block Prints by Kaleialoha Lum-Ho

    1. Mahalo, Stephanie! Kaleialoha writes on her Facebook: Kamalu Hawai’i will be at the Native Hawaiian Arts & Culture Expo on Nov 14-15 at the OHA building. The event is FREE and there will be several other vendors as well as practitioners doing demonstrations. I will be selling my ‪#‎papalebykamalu‬ as well as lole pēpē, ʻeke and whatever else I finish printing by then. ‪#‎nosleep‬ ‪#‎gocheckemgo‬

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