Maui Lassos the Sun

Meet the Photographer: Shawn Kahoʻolemana Naone 

Maui (color)

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Ka Moʻolelo

 Many, many years ago, the days were short.  Ka Lā, the sun, flew across the sky with great speed.  Maui’s mother, Hina, made the finest kapa clothing in all the land but had very little time to dry her cloth.  Maui set out to change that.  One day he waited patiently while the sun flew by and with the help of an enchanted rope and hook, he snared the sun.  They fought for many days and nights until the sun gave in.  Maui then told Ka Lā that even though that he is almighty, the night ruled over him, and if he slowed his course, the days would be longer.  But more importantly, the people would adore him even more.  That is why in the Hawaiian language Lā means not only sun, but day as well.  Aloha ia kākou.

Credits: videotape by Rokki Midro, interviewed by Pat Kamalani Hurley

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